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Main » 2010 » September » 5 » First Birthday Coming Up
First Birthday Coming Up
10:40 AM
Oh, its been a while since i last log in here...nah its been years actually but seems like only yesterday. im quite surprised that mostly the last updates were on 2007, im kinda sad because no updates means no interests are coming from any of the members anymore. but anyway, i might as well turn this site to my own personal use soon but of course i have to ask their permission first before going on.

So where am i after all these years? nothing new happened actually in my work and in my family, except that iv come to love a dog finally. this little rascal is called patricia. shes the most adorable creature iv ever met and have. she is the youngest in our family now simply because we consider her as our baby. sometimes i can see her smiling up at me or maybe im just imagining it but the possibility is there, our naked eyes just cant see it through up front. :) but deep in my heart i know she is because i feel for her. :) we are kinda connected, you see.

She's been with us since february of this year, how time flies so fast cuz her first birthday is coming up soon. im getting edgy, i want her first birthday a memorable one. but i feel that if i have to organize an event this serious i have to come up with ideas which will sell. of course i have this wish that her visitors are all doglovers and should have at least one dog with health card . i love the idea of having a dog show and treats to be served as prizes just for fun.and the idea that her first birthday will be done in a big open venue may it be in a field or in a beach.oh well, these are my own wishful thinking that i hope will push through...

patricia in her bed clothes
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