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what entry name?
0:39 AM
Today is fun for me. I enjoyed every hour I spent at the office until me, donning and jenny called it a night after watching a movie-tagalog film. It started with a chat from sir Nilo who just celebrated his bday today. Ebing was talking to him over the phone and passed it to donning then to me. Sir Nilo will always be sir nilo. Will always be a panicky, i guess for life. I only teased him about Ebing not telling me about her wedding plans and it was only through him that iv known. I could just imagine his face when he thought he blew Ebings secret. hehehe...but actually, all of us at the office knew about this, but since their wedding will be held in Cebu and with around 50 guest only, it was kinda private and somehow a little bit "secret?" -nah, i dunno. But anyway that was how it sounded, that he invited me to eat at their house on Agust during the wedding but when I told him that I dont know anything about the wedding he just sounded just like him! haha

Then came the talks, chitchat, banter of words with my seatmates that are kinda healthy for me because these days I rrreeeeallly needed the laugh for I am starting to doubt that wrinkles are starting to appear between my eyebrows now. Oh gosh, how can it be? I just turned 35 just rrrrrEeecently! Anyway, i did have an output of 3, thanks to Ebings' Tpostings.

Afternoon came, there was a brownout and I was laughing hard cuz I was enjoying that I was the only one who have a psp with speakers and all that for all of them to hear my songs and games made me tumbling down. (uhm, im just exagerating). Arnold can relate with my feelings. hehe. Then donning started her amateur video capturing. It was on this act that I heard for the first time = Arnolds LOL! He laughed so hard and loud when donning banged herself during her video coverage. She never saw what was coming when she suddenly laughed and accidentally banged her forehead on her desk. Next: we were called at the managers office for a meeting. hmm... if only I have the video we did, it was so hilarious! Arnold kept telling us that we didnt fit in the screen when we tried to be focused from donnings video take. Manager was not around that time. But we have a take in which that I am sure my best acting will sell online. I looked and acted like scrat. ohhhh...i am looking forward to ice age movie again...scrat-scrat-scrat.ha-ha

Sometime this month I will have to post the video or I will force donning to post it here.  Oh-oh, its past my bedtime now, got to go now. Sleep here I come! tah-tah!  
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