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Main » 2007 » September » 20 » Something To Say Bout Sir Nilo-Testimonials
Something To Say Bout Sir Nilo-Testimonials
0:45 AM
It was on April of 2004 that sir Nilo came first here in GenSan. I remember how we were called for a general meeting and met our brand new manager. As a newcomer, sir Nilo pulled it off nice, feeding us with his anecdotes and kept us smiling all throughout.

It was not easy for him im sure for the first few days, for we seldom see him get inside our turf. But after settling down in a month, we got to see him more and more. Became visible and all. But anyway, all my memories of him started actually when we had our exam in 2005. He forced us to take the reviews and made it possible for a high rate of passers in our branch. 3 from gensan got in the top 10 ranking. His effort paid off afterall when the second round of exam came and all of us passed with flying colors.

And then 2006 came, this year all my memories were focused on the activities we've done. It was full and festive and fun. The best of all the rest was when we celebrated our anniversary? I forgot the date, gosh, dont ask me bout dates, kept forgetting the damn calendars anyway..hihihi... remember how we were grouped into three and our group was called the YELLOW INDIANS. The memories of it will never be chased off my mind, there were issues between the yellow and red team but it ends well in the end...yahooo! We won! :p

2007. Honestly speaking, have it not been for Kuya Deitys being a passer for this managerial training, i wouldnt have the chance to know sir Nilo more. We, in the ACAD, got to have more direct contacts with him. And all those times, we learned to stand in our own feet, cope up with the problems we hate to mixed with before and sir Nilo REALLY mold us into a better employee. We never hesitate to do well because we know if we'll ever make a tiny flaw in what we do, sir Nilo will always be there for us. We thank you sir for giving us the opportunity and guiding us throughout the journey. And now we bade you goodbye. Sana di mo makalimutan ang mga alaala mo dito...Ang alaala mo ay nakaukit dito sa mga pusot isipan namin. Good Luck wherever you will be.
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